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Hi, I'm new to the boards, and im not exactly sure where to post this, but I need a driver for my "Direct Memory Access Controller" for XP, in my device manager, without it my computer keeps shutting down and restarting, if you have any idea where I can get this device, please let me know, I've tried Microsoft's webpage, but that's just a joke, way too much info, impossible to find what you're looking for.
I think I know what your problem is, but I'm also pretty sure that you're not going to like the solution.

When you installed XP I'm going to guess that you did so from a fresh format. Another guess is that you're actually doing this on a prefab machine (hp, dell, compaq, etc).

The driver that it sounds like XP is looking for may actually be the drivers for your motherboard, which control the way your computer accesses your ram and cpu as well as the way all your other devices interact with your system. So if you know what kind of motherboard you have, or if you know who made your computer and go to their site to obtain the proper motherboard drivers, you should be set.

The bad news is that these drivers will screw up your computer now. When doing a fresh install, all of your motherboard drivers should be installed immediately after the OS is done installing. If you install the motherboard drivers now you will continue to have random reboots, system crashes, and other unfun occurences.

So my recommendation to you would be to get those drivers any way possible and then reformat your computer again. A tip for your installation order though...

1. OS
2. chipset/mobo drivers
3. directX
4. video
5. sound
6. anything else

just remember, one at a time and do the reboots as necessary.

good luck! and post again if you don't think this is your problem (after all, this is just a guess on the info given ^_^)
Thanks for the reply, and you were incorrect about most of it, but I believe you might have answered my question without realizing it. I purchased this computer at a computer fair, and had it built there, and it took them like 20 minutes to put it together, but they had a lot of problems with it, and when i got it home, I realized most of the drivers had not been installed, so I went through and installed all of the drivers, and then it started to crash on me. The scary part is, although I am pretty good with computers, Windows, applications, etc, i'm not familiar or knowledgable about the hardware and components of the computer, nor how to put it together, so if I have to take it apart and put it back together, this will be a challange. I have no warranty on this for the most part. Do you know of anywhere I can find instructions on how to build the computer that's understandable for beginners? I want to learn, but if its too confusing, im going to get lost. is a good reference.

And everyone should do this at least once. ;) So long as you take some precautions, it's pretty hard to screw up your computer. The really big one is to make sure that you do not transmit any static electricity to your computer. Do this by having your skin in constant contact with the case around your power supply. Other than that, it's all fairly simple. That guide should help. Good luck!
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