dban and parted magic... how to connect drive


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I'm looking into using dban on a HDD and parted magic on an SSD.
But I'm a little confused on how I hook connect these drives..

dban - HDD
*The HDD I want to wipe is not part of the computer build and does not run my OS. It is simply an old HDD I have laying around that I want to wipe clean.
1. Can I connect this HDD to the computer via some external source like a HDD enclosure and via USB?
2. Or do I need to take out my primary drive and connect this HDD to the computer as the primary drive ( even though it has no O.S on it )

Parted magic - SSD
*The SSD I want to wipe is my primary drive and has my OS on it.
1. Do I want to keep it connected as my primary drive ( basically leave it in and leave it alone as is ) and wipe from there?
2. Or do I want to take it out of my computer and place into a drive enclosure and connect to a differant computer via drive enclosure and USB?

*The HDD is an 4 year old laptop HDD that has been formated. But I want to wipe it clean with dban still.