CPU Mhz Speed. Compared Old To New Pc's


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Ok so, i need help finding why my computer is so slow. This is a very nooby question i know but i'm just stumped on this. Ok i bought a computer like 3 or 4 years ago.. And i thought it was really fast! Well of course new computers seem fast.. But after while it just got super slow as it naturally does.. I looked at my computers specs like cpu speed, ram, hard drive.. and idk why its so much slower than my friends computers that is an eMachine.

My Computer Info:

Processor: Intel(R) Pentium (R) 4 CPU 3.20GHz 3.20GHz
Memory (RAM): 2039
System Type: 32-bit Operating System
Manufacturer: Hewlett-Packard Compant
Model: SR5030NX
Rating: 3.1 Windows Experience Index

So yes. Idk what it is? My friends Cpu speed is duo core and each is like.. 2.4GHz each? I his ram is 2GB like mine.. but yet his just is so much faster than mine.. It never freezes up and his programs never crash like mine.. THIS IS SO FRUSTRATING! is it my manufacturer ? does hewlett-packard compant a bad manufacturer compared to others? or maybe its my hard drives that has only 141 GB of space which is very very pathetic. Gawd i need to know why it sucks so bad! im gona sell this sh*tty computer and buy a new one.


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Haha i use those already XD.. doesnt really help at all ^_^
jus shows how crappy this computer
i even recover and my programs crash on me.. nott often but do crash enuf for me to get reallly pissed about it


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What OS are you running?

If you want, you could reinstall it and it will runny snappy like when it was new. Be sure to format the hard drive first though.

uninstall any software you don't use though. That can make a big difference.


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Realistically when using windows I'd recommend a wipe / reinstall whenever your computer gets that painfully slow. It could be all number of things causing the issue, but the sad fact is windows has a habit of getting itself in a state after a while - and the quickest and most efficient way to fix it is to start again.

Degragging / scanning for viruses / disabling startup applications / checking for rogue services / running a full disk scan may make things better if you haven't tried them already. But chances are they may well not.

Personally I'd advise getting into the habit of imaging and reinstalling windows every year or so anyway, especially if you need a nice snappy system and you regularly add / remove software. It just keeps everything on form and running smoothly.