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I just built a new computer, but each time I push the power button it turns on for like 5 seconds, then shuts off..I've tried a few different combos for the power connectors on the mobo, but nothing seems to be working. Any tips?
1) PSU check

2) The time it usually happens to me is if CPU fan is plugged into header FAN2 instead of FAN1. Also check that your CPU heatsink/fan is properly clipped on to the CPU - generally with AMD Athlon and Duron processors, the machine will either shut down within a couple seconds or in the worst case - suffer damage
The problem was solved just recently...what happened was that the heatsink was on wrong, and the mobo has an automatic shut off system if the CPU gets too hot. So we fixed it and now it runs like a charm! However a new problem has arised...the speakers wont work, but the computer detects the sound card (SB Live 5.1) and the drivers were installed twice. Yes the volume is all the way up on the speakers and on the computer. Any suggestions? I'll post the components anyways:

Ahtlon 1700+
256 K-Byte DDR PC2100
Creative Sound Blaster Live 5.1
e-GeForce4 TI4200 64 MB
80 GB 7200 RPM Western Digital
Giga-byte GA-7VAXP
Windows XP Home
Have you tried it with other speakers? Headphones? Have you tried the speakers with a different system to make sure they work? Do you have them plugged into the right port?
I've tried it with other speakers yes, and the ones that I'm trying now do work. I put them in every port imaginable, and nothing still happens. My speculation is that the drivers suck, so I'm gonna download an updated driver pack.
Were you using the drivers form the Windows CD or the drivers the card came with. From my experience, none of the sound drivers in XP work with Creative. Like you said, download the newest drivers from (click the support link and go from there)
i have a problem like yours. i just finished building me a computer.
whenever i turn on the computer, everything sounds like it is working but nothing shows up on the monitor.

msi 6399
radeon ve 64 mb
256mb pc 133 sd-ram
80gb hard drive
intel celeron 2.0ghz
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