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I'm gettin ready to order my tower and start building myself a new machine. I was thinking of going with the viper tower I forgot who makes it but it has like 4 80mm fans, digital display, and a 500watt power supply, it also looks pretty nice and its in my price range. Just wanted peoples opinions on whether this was a good buy or not you can check it out at My next question would be what is the best pci express graphics card for under $300. I looked at the nvidia 6600 GT and the 6800 Ultra but the 6800 is way too much money. I also looked at the Radeon x800 pro which was kinda pricey and i coulnt find any specs to compare it to the 6600 Gt can anybody help me out??


I would use this tower if you can , but then again, it is up to you. It has 5 case fans, and a 500Watt PSU that is Ultra Quiet! Plus, it looks snazzy, and has track systems for the drives, so you DO NOT have to screw them in, and has a fan controller on the front for system noise reduction. The viper case is nice, but I think it has a few downfalls. One, it is kinda flimsy, two it has the ugly viper head on the side, and three, I have heard from my friend Matthias, that the PSU on it tends to be load, a makes a crackly sound for like 2 mins after you turn it on. He replaced his PSU with an Antec PSU because of it. Check this out, then tell me what you decide on.

or check this bad ass case out. It is a bit pricey, and DOESN'T come with a PSU, but it is one of the best made cases around, and looks really cooL!
or this one, same things really, except cooler front panel looks.

Your link was broken, so I found the Viper Case on newegg, maybe it is cheaper then what you found.

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