COD Black Ops - Slow Finding Matches


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Helloooooo Good people of CF

Got COD Black Ops for xmas (i know im a few months behind) but ive noticed it is ridiculously slow at finding matches on xbox live now ive done a bit of googling as everyone should do before they come ot a forum and ive found something about adjusting your NAT settings on your router, trouble is i cant find what their on about?

I'm with Be Broadband and they have sent me a rebranded Thomson TG585 v7 which is an ok router so far but i cant find any settings for adjusting NAT security?

From anoher post ive read you have to tel net into it? I tried this about half an hour again and ended up having to hard reset the router coz i lost all internet lol

Anybody with any ideas?

I'm pretty sure my speed is good enough?



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maybe under "personal Firewall" also i assume you have a wireless key for this network? as if it is unsecured then any number of nearby people could be using your connection and slowing you down