Cathode Inverter


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hello, just curious, see when u buy cathode tubes, and it is connected to an inverter. Wat does the inverter do? do u have to put it thru an inverter or can u just plug the cathode directly to the PSU? i was just thinking corse for neon tubes, u can just plug it directly to the PSU with going thru ne inverter.


Wizard of Wires

An inverter not only steps up the 12vdc from the power supply it changes it to an ac signal. Average voltage to the tube is around 90volts ac. Some are higher. It's knock the snot out of ya voltages so don't let your couriousty get carried away. You can not connect a cold cathode florecent tube directly to a computer power supply.
As for neon it's not really good for a computer to have those driver voltages for neon inside the case. In the case of neon tubes the amps are low but the voltages are very high.
Stick with CCFL as they are much lower voltages and safer to handle. CCFL doesn't have many colours to choose from but be patient grasshopper they're working on getting a broader range of colours.