can someone plz make me a signature?

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i really dont have ne preferences to them accept keep it all dark and stuff put w/e u feel like needs to b there . . .i really dont care i just want somthing there lol .

~ps~ i suck at photoshop. . lol w/e i guess ill converse with the ppl who respond . . ty to all that respond . ..
Crayon, take this if you want it.

ok mac . . if u could encorperate my avatar, skulls nething else w/e idc i just need somthing to fill the space lol. . if u need a larger pik of my avartar let me know . . ty 4 helping
actually if u could just encoperate somthing to do with doom3 halflife cs ut2k4 . . nething like that. . sry if im not being clear enough . .
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