Buying A new HDD

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Ok folks here's the deal. As you may have already read in my other post, my Samsung HDD decided it'd be cool if it would just die. My next step, I guess, is to go to the closest place to buy a Hd and do so.

So I called up Staples, and they told me they sold this drive:

Maxtor 30 GB HD @ 7,500 RPM's, was IDE compatible, for $80.00. My question to you folks is: does this sound high?
thats what i figured, but then again, there aren't very many people that actually DO replace a HDD when it goes bad out here in KS; they just get lazy and replace the whole deal.

Earlier at radioshack, I had someone tell me that a 10 gb HDD should cost about $100.00. Pulled the BS Flag there...
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