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Q1. My XP pc is downloading continuously from the internet, now over 50mb just this weekend. I've been able to assertain it's initiated from the C:\windows\system32 folder by "Generic Host Services". Does anybody know what the heck this is about? If I disconnect, it just starts over on reconnect. (I'm not concerned about hacking since my computer isn't sending hardly anything, only receiving.)

Will it ever complete the download?
Or, should I disable it?
If so, how?

Q2. I'm running ICS, internet connection sharing, at work on 2 XP pcs. The pc without a modem can initiate a dialout and surf the web on the other pc, but on exiting will not disconnect. Is there a way to force a disconnect when IE or Outlook is closed? If not, how can you close the internet connection on the other pc? (There is no little flashing monitor icons on the pc without the modem.)

Thanks in advance!
I am only conjecturing, as if infering from defective or presumptive evidence a conclusion deduced by surmise or guesswork such as a proposition (as in mathematics) before my guesswork has been proved or disproved, However...

A person unfamiliar with these occurances may not know what is uploading? It may appear on the surface that there is minimal data transfer outbound. HOWEVER, several insiduous worms, virusus, and plain simple programs all have the capability to compress data, then transmit upwards with the appearance of "minimal data". My advice, is simply to query your internet provider regarding this little security breach. Can they offer any explanation?? :confused:
Does anyone know?

Conjecture is fine, but I'm not really looking for guesses.

Does anyone know these answers?:eek:
A1. I believe the generic host services you are reffereing to are the svchost.exe files. They aregrouped services that windows xp and other programs use regularly. Some services that are in there could be usinginternet connectivity. Possibly windows automatic updates, or a virus def update.

A2. The only thing you can try is the idle disconnect feature. Its generally set high enough that the small amount of data that is being transmitted by the services will still count as idle. set it at 1 min or so, then, 1 min after you close the browser on the other computer, it should disconnect.
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