Bandwidth Limitator?!?! Please :(


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Hey forumers, Me again xD

Well here is the problem now; I have a crap internet service (With the Best voted ISP in Aussie land). Its 8mbps, 10GB Download limit!!! And cost 60 a month. For this speed, This is the cheapest you can get lol.. I think 1mbps unlimited with Australias crappiest ISP is around 100 a month. And with the good ISP's it can get over 600 a month!.

ok, I blow my DL limit in the first 3 days of each month, And now since I have built my own computer, We share this 64kbps internet between two..

It pisses me off because he is always playing this stupid game called Gunz online. Its like the mega lag machine, I dont see any other games that make your net that slow lol.

Im wondering, Is there anything to limit bandwidth between both computers? I download alot even when I am capped and when he is playing I get speeds of 0.5kbps (When he is not playing, I get 9kbps :D )...I want to have around 99.9% of the bandwidth lol. SO he never plays again (He is only 12 so he isn't smart about computers etc, Neither is anyone else in my family). But I cant simply tell him to get off the computer so yeah.

Its stupid because when Im not capped I download files at over 7800kbps :( Its soo easy to blow the limit, I dont use the search function on my computer lol, If I cant find anything I re-download lol. I really need some control over my internet :(

SO are there any programs/tools I can use to limit his bandwidth to .1% or anything?

Sorry for the bad grammar/spelling, Im kinda in a rush and I have no seat lol (Using my bed as the seat xD)

--Thanks in advance--


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netlimiter would probably work. Don't remember if it lets you limit the internet bandwidth of the whole computer, but you can atleast limit the amount of bandwidth single programs can use.