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Im looking for a really nice gaming headset that is no more than $100. My brother already has the $80 icemat headset so dont mention those. I was looking at those $80 steel pad headsets and they look pretty nice. Any reccomendations would be great!

*edit* thanks to Vybuni im not interested in surround sound headsets anymore
I have a set of Sennheiser PC150's and they are really good /w a nice mic. Its not surround sound, but it is really nice, especially price v. performance.
I think the general consensus is that surround sound headphones is that they aren't as good as a nice pair of non-surround headphones. You would have to spend a lot of money to get a really nice set of surround sound 'phones. I think some of the best "cheap" surround sound sets are Medusa's, but I don't think they are available in the US, you'd have to import them from the UK
I never really got the point of having surround sound head set...
What for? if you want surround sound, get surround sound speakers....
Just to let you know you dont need to spend 80 bucks for a good headset, there are ones out there for like 40
FrostedFlames said:
i got a logitech gamer headset for 30 bucks and its really nice and comfy

im pretty sure i got the same headset without the "gamer editing" on it for $15. it's still really nice and i would've paed $30 for it if it wasnt already $15.
Dude, the PC150's are really nice, I'm in the process of "burning" them in. I just got them 2 days ago. The sound is ok, the mic is pretty clear. But I mean for 35 dollars :classic: It beats out my old 8 dollar headset that broke :D lol
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