Which Tablet / 2in1? Apple Vs. Microsoft


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Hello all, Im in the market right now, for a new tablet / 2 in 1. Main purpose of which will be movies & music during flights, maybe some gaming but probably not much, video editing, and photography. I'd love to be able to use photoshop and illustrator on the go.

Heres what im considering:

2018 Ipad Pro or the Microsoft Surface Pro 7 (the new one they just announced)

Ipad 12.9 inch with keyboard and mouse = $1,650
I like the ipad because its easy to travel with. Its more mobile feeling in the new ipad os than windows. The screen looks nice, and i like the smaller bezels than you get with the surface. I also like that its not windows on the tablet. Unfortunately, because its not windows, i dont have access to adobe. Thats not 100% a deal breaker, as i found a app called affinity designer thats very similar, although not as powerful.

Surface Pro 7 i7 16gb Ram 256gb Storage with Keyboard & Mouse = $1556
Full windows. Adobe apps. Cheaper than the ipad.

Ive never used a surface, ive used the ipad pro. What do you recommend? Being that theres no real reviews yet of the surface 7 its hard for me to decide. Am i wrong to assume that the 10th gen i7 that included in the surface will be faster than apples a12? What would you pick, and why?

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