AOL and Wireless Network

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I purchased a wireless router compatible with AOL. I live in an old 3 story house. I live on the 3rd floor and my roommate lives on the first floor with the DSL connection. I connected the wireless router and installed the proper software. I can establish a link and hook into AOL for a matter of about 3 minutes, and then all of a suddent he link is lost. The only way to reestablish the link is to unplug the router and plug it back in. The same thing will occur. I know AOL sux, trust me its not my choice, but affordable since I am a college student. Any help would be greatly appreciated.
maybe the signals getting lost due to some interference like someone walking in between the connection, or a metal object obstructing the signal. check and make sure all wires are connected.
I have no idea what aol has been doing lately, but why would a piece of hardware need to be compatible with aol? And last i recalled aol was a lot more expensive than anything else was. as for the problem no idea.
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