adding second cd drive

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using dell dim4500. would like to add a second cd (cdrw) drive. where can i find info on 2 drive install?
Its very easy just make sure you set your second drive as a slave (can be changed at the back of the drive) and plug & play will do the rest.
yeah, this little friend of ours is called a 'jumper'.. it is white and looks like a half-tooth... heh.. explanations on where to put is to be slave are on the back of it (each one and its way).

Cheers (B) m8..
azury: thanks for your reply. just 1 question: which cd drive is slave, or does it matter?
It doesn't matter to much as long as one is set to master and the other is set to slave.

I would suggest making the one you use less the slave.

chopper: thanks again for your prompot reply. will do! have a great weekend.
I don't think it should bother you... look at the first one, and make the secondary one the opposite.. that's all :)

Cheers (b) m8..
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