Acer 7535g nightmare with Win7 - WinV

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I bought Acer 7535g laptop Dec 09.
It was fine, worked great, came with Windows Vista Home Premium, no problems.
It also came with 'free' Windows 7 upgrade. Great, I'll have a new laptop, with new Windows 7! Paid £7 for the postage and did it.
Since installing, learned that because the laptop runs off of a HD 4570 for more intense work, and a low powered HD 3200. Windows 7 doesn't recognise this, and refused to let me do anything, would often boot up using the 4500 and therefore have no display. I tried installing, deleting ,reinstalling drivers for both cards, nothing, it's a recognised glitch.
So I thought screw this, I'll go back to Vista...
Borrowed my mates Vista Home Premium disc, as my laptop didn't come with one. Installed, put my Windows Serial Number (stuck to the bottom of my laptop), in, invalid. Again, invalid, tried over, invalid.
Here's the problem. I was invalid for so long that I've been locked out of Windows Vista, have no code to use and can't get the Windows 7 disc to boot up either.
Now what? :(
I called Windows, they said you can't go back from Windows 7 to Vista, and I should call Acer to get a new Windows copy. I called Acer, they said there's nothing I can do except buy another copy of Windows, (from what I could get through to this Indian guy who spoke awful English).
When you installed Vista Home Premium did you do a fresh install?

More than likely your friends Vista is a Retail copy like you get at Best Buy. The copy that comes preinstalled are usually OEM. Those product keys aren't interchangable. You will need an OEM install in order for your OEM license key to work.

I'm sure if you spoke with a supervisor, you could get a Vista install disk that would put your laptop back to factory settings with Vista. You will have to pay shipping for the CD, but they will send it to you. I just had a client go through the same thing, took a few hours on the phone and multiple 'run arounds' but they were able to get HP to send them a Vista disk that normally comes with the PC (PC's don't come with them now, for cost cutting they don't give you a CD now - you have to request it then pay extra for it).
Ok so it is possible to go from Windows 7 back to Windows Vista then. The guy on the phone told me it wasn't possible at all.
I guess I'll call Acer again and be more persistent, ask to speak to a senior or something.
No it isn't possible to 'downgrade' from 7 to Vista. Once you've upgraded you're upgraded, period.

What IS possible is to reinstall the OS. At that point you lose all software and documents though. Which is why i was trying to get clarification on how you installed Vista again from your friends DVD.
use a live linux distro to move any files off the drive to removable media.

then format the drive and this time:
make a C drive with windows and program files
make a D or E drive with your personal data

makes formatting much easier!
Ah okay. My code will still be valid for Vista though won't it. Nothing on there I really need - document wise; no music, and any pictures are backed up on my PC. Also no software on there I used which I can't download, so a fresh install will be fine.
I will be sure to partition Windows though.
Yes you can format then. And as remix said it wouldn't hurt to partition the drive so you can reinstall windows without the hassle to backing up files.
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