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Default Re: What is the best way to get into the IT Field?.

Originally Posted by 0ilyy View Post
What is the best way to get into the IT Field?.(I'm thinking IT Support)
Should I volunteer to get experience, get CompTIA certifications, go back to school?.
I'm currently studying for the CompTIA ITF+ certificate and I want to save money up for the CompTIA A+ certificate. Are there any other ways to get into the IT Field?.
I agree with Carnage. Also, get as much practical experience as you can. By that I mean learn to tinker with different tech related items/fields. Learn to build/tear down a computer. Play with making different home networks and how to configure them. Read up on different operating systems, learn the basics of different flavors of Linux, grab some crash courses on the basics of a programming language or two.

I'm not saying to not go to school, but broaden your horizons along the way. By doing this you will deepen what you learn as well as get a better feel for what you really want to do. I love hardware but I have played with some programming... enough to know that I had a hard time with Java. But it helped me better understand the hows and whys of programming, which helped me to better understand how it and hardware works together.
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