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Default Re: Overclocking the q6600 on the P35 DS3R

Ok i'm going to save you a LOT of headache. When you first get into the bios, press ctrl-f1. This will open up the extra options in the bios. Next, set the memory frequency to 2.0, you might think its not there, but it is, its just in the wrong order. It goes 2.5 > 3.0 > 2.0. This will set your memory to run synchronous with your FSB. Next set the voltages to this.
CPU = 1.35v
FSB = +.1V
Memory = +.2V
Save your settings, reboot and keep an eye on temps. Keep in mind all of these settings assume you have a G0 stepping version of the q6600. If so, you should be able to run 3.6ghz at these settings. BUT if you want orthos/prime stability, you are going to have to boost the voltage a bit more. If you have any other questions shoot me a pm.
FYI i just replaced my ds3r with the 680i board for SLI so i have 3 months experience playing with the ds3r
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