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do the aseus delux boards for the amd processors allow over clocking?

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wow, that helps alot, im still left with some questions, u overclocked ur cpu, right? is it hard to do? will i be able to do it? and does ur comp overheat?
Yes I'm overclocking, but I have a motherboard and CPU SPECIFICALLY made for overclocking and for me my computer does NOT overheat because I have more than adequate should see my fan mod thread to see why I have no problem with air cooling

I have a mobile chip...which means it's meant for laptops...but they use the same you can put it in a desktop...but your motherboard has to have adequate options to be able to overclock...I wouldn't dive into overclocking...especially not if you're looking into getting an AMD64 I was just merely pointing out how well an AMD can indeed personally if I were you, I wouldn't try to just get into overclocking as it took me about a month of straight reading a million different articles trying to decide which mobo, and cpu and all that would be the best combo....I just gave you that chart for comparison reasons....

Overclocking is not hard once you know the basics and get past that point where you're so damn nervous you look away while you hit 'SAVE BIOS AND EXIT' lol....technically you CAN overclock your AMD64 but those run pretty damn hot as it is being they are powerful chips, there are threads for people who can OC their 64 the furthest but yeah I'd NOT recommend trying that...

and to your question 'does your comp overheat?' like I said, no but I have a really good heatsink, better than normal fan, 9 case fans, so I've put a lot of effort into insuring it stays cool. More than likely if you got the AMD64 it'd run hotter than my OC'd chip only because I have insane air cooling.

do the aseus delux boards for the amd processors allow over clocking?
DO NOT...get ASUS...regardless what people are saying that it is the best board out there for 64 it is ABSOLUTELY 100% NOT...ASUS has gone downhill in the last few years and aren't the top manufacturers like they once were. Unless you speak taiwanese technical support will be useless to you. I recommend either Abit or MSI. Specifically the ABit AV8-3rd Eye or the MSI Neo2-Platinum....both are for socket 939 though but like I said socket 939 will be continued to be upgraded and has dual channel whereas socket 754 and 940 does not......I built an AMD64 system with the MSI Neo2-Platinum board and that one does indeed come with enough options to overclock if you wished. The ABit board is guaranteed to have ALL the overclocking options you could possibly want because they are based and known for OC'ing and stability....if you look at my specs you'll notice I have an Abit board for my Overclocking

Read the thread geo linked to you as it is VERY informative and I started out on it myself. The basic options you need for overclocking is:

CPU Frequency
CPU Multiplier
CPU Vcore Voltage
DRAM Voltage
AGP:PCI Bus lock
Memory Timings (you really only need to adjust RAM Timings when you are overclocking past 200FSB...which and AMD64 starts off at 200FSB so obviously first thing you'd need to do is be able to adjust ram timings unless you turned DOWN the fsb and raised the multiplier.)

a stock 64 3500+ is 2.2GHz which is a combination of two things..The multiplier and the frequency.....yours is 11x200....PC3200 RAM is 400MHz only because it's DOUBLE data rate which is what DDR stands the 200 thats in the 11x200 you gotta see as 200x2 = 400 when considering your RAM. This is why you can get PC3500 RAM with higher speeds so that the RAM technically won't be running it's stock speed until you hit like 220FSB whichi would be 420MHz for the see RAM sold as PC3200(400) so you see how you'd look for it? Your CPU FSB is 200, so multiply that by two and you get you se PC3200(400) on the selection screen and you know what to get....also you might see PC3500(420) so then that means you would need your CPU's FSB o be at 210 for the RAM to run at it's full potential...then you'd be running 11x210 = 2,310Mhz = 2.3GHz so see just by raising that FSB from 200 to 210 you've overclocked your chip by 100MHz...which you might need to increase your Vcore voltage for stability which will produce more heat......confused yet? Good I BARELY stepped into a little bit of overclocking there and I'm sure this paragraph will still be long...that is just to give you an idea of how 'sure' you HAVE to be if you want to're looking for long lasting top end system so I say...

ABit AV8-3rd Eye - AMD64 3500+


MSI Neo2-Platinum - AMD64 3500+

Each board is about $125 and the chips are around $350...that's the cheapest for the socket 939 line...although actually I think someone...(apokolipse?) was saying they make a 3200+ for socket 939 which would obviously be cheaper so you may want to look into that.

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If you get an ASUS board with "AI", this includes a program called AI booster, which lets you overclock without going into BIOS or safe mode, it's all point and click.

You will be able to overclock on almost any good board, but other than ASUS with AI, you will have to go into your BIOS settings and it's a little more complicated.

I am an ASUS fan, and I will buy ASUS again, but, I will tell you that their tech support sucks and their products are getting worse, but they are still up thier.
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I will tell you that their tech support sucks and their products are getting worse, but they are still up thier.
Yup which is what you really need to consider. I used ASUS before and did once like them too, but now they just plain suck. BTW Generally windows based OC'ing isn't recommended...going into the BIOS is the best and safest way to OC so even if you did want to try overclocking I wouldn't do it through a windows based utility.

I personally will never buy ASUS again. SiS boards are also complete junk, so far Abit and MSI are the best boards I've ever had out of the 5 different manufacturers I've owned....( I had an old Intel machine long time ago in a galaxy far away )

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