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Default first build won't boot

I have ordered a new processor from newegg, it'll be here in a few days (damn weekend)....I was trying to test my computer with an old processor and I am not sure if the mobo is working as well as it can or not.....

When I plug in the computer and hit the switch on the PSU, the comp turns on, the on/off button does nothing....(no light flashing or anything when i press it), the reset button appears to work (the lights blink as it normally would) but i can't tell if anything is happening, the monitor is in stand-by because it detects nothing....

I thought at least the BIOS screen would start up...the processor I have in there was not on the long lest of compatible processors so I am assuming this is the problem but I just wanted to make sure that the BIOS isn't supposed to come on anyways....I know, I'm clueless....the fans and everything (lights) turn on, and I can open CD drives and stuff...(the processor is a 1.4GHz P4 400MHz FSB) I have a 3.0GHz P4 800MHz FSB on the way....if I tried to boot up the comp with a P4 2.4GHz 533MHz FSB processor would it work (with the RAM on a lower setting) or would this just have the same result I am having? (the mobo is compatible with ddr 200, 266, 400)

I am only asking because I have seen that a bunch of people on different forums are having problems with dead on arrival mobos that are the same as mine (Intel 865PERL) ... the only new pieces that haven't been used in another computer are the PSU (480 watts), the RAM (1 Gig Corsair PC3200) and of course the mobo.....

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Did you connect your power and reboot buttons to your mobo? That could help with the whole turning on thing . The LED's are the same way, gotta connect them (will show where in mobo manual.) Does the mobo comp beep when it boots up? There should be a light on the mobo that turns green, if everything is working right. I'm not very good at troubleshooting, but that's all I can tell you.

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the green light on the mobo is turned on... lol....yes, the reset button reacts as I believe it should when i press it (all LEDs on the comp's front light up (cant see it restart though) but the power button does nothing, i am assuming this is because nothing is loading...i am assuming the two wires labelled "POWER SW" are the on/off switch....seeing as how they lead to the power button and all.... i know it is in the right place, the only question i have about that do i know that it is in the right way? i know that there are 2 pins for it (and i know which ones).. does it matter which way the wire plug into it? i have it so that the "Power SW" writing is facing outward but I dont know if that matters....

The mobo does not beep but I am suspecting that this could be due to the speaker wire not being plugged in right...see, i have it plugged into my sound card but I should probably have it plugged into my mobo...there are two slots next to each other, one labelled CD IN and another labelled AUX IN, i am guessing that I plug the "Speaker" wire into the AUX IN and the wire that goes directly from my CD player to the CD IN area....except that my Speaker wire doesnt reach can only reach to my sound card's AUX in so i put it there....(the mobo has integrated sound)....

if it doesnt work with the new CPU i'll be pissed, im just banking on that, once it boots up it will be a lot easier to identify my minor screw ups *if it ever does*
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