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Default Weird NEtwork Adapter problem (discon-recon)

Hi guys,

I just started noticing a few days ago my computer keeps getting brief, split second network disconnections.. like that baloon that pops up whenever you get disconnected from the network? and that network disconnected icon.. it's like my connection to the router gets dropped all of a sudden, but reconnects right away.. but i never experienced this kind of problem before..

Here's my setup:

XP SP2 PC w/ onboard realtek lan capabilities --> Linksys BEFSR Router --> DSL Modem

I've had this setup for years.. never experienced this.. checked all the cables, swapped cables as well, no problem..

when i get disconnected for that split-second to about 2 seconds, i check the router and it's ON.. and did not reboot or anything.. weird..

what could this be? is it the router getting flaky? or is it my mother boarD? any thoughts?


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i would assume faulty cable but you say you've changed cables with the same results. just a thought but if the modem has a USB connection you could give that a try.

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I experience this rarely. I share my internet connection with my mom's computer via router. When only my computer is on, everything works fine. But when she opens her computer sometimes my computer disconnects for less then a second and connects again. Surprisingly it never happened when I download something. I havent experienced this problem since nearly 1 month. But I guess my problem was about unauthorized users who were using my wireless connection. I setup wireless authorization settings then ý guess never experienced the problem again. I recommend you to go to your ethernet card's and router's website and search for common problems and fixes.
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Go to realtek and download and install the latest drivers for your onboard lan (give me the model number And I can look it up for you) Then or if you have the latest go into device manager and right click the network adaptor click properties then click the advanced tab and find speed/duplex and see if it is set to auto-sence, If it isn't try setting it to auto-sence. If it is set to auto-sence try setting it to 100mbps full duplex, if that doesn't work then try the others as well. I have had this issue with computers before because the adaptor try's to switch between modes then switchs back. So if you set it manually to a mode that works you shouldn't have this problem again.
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when ever i ahev any network connectivity problems before i do anythign i run this prog very good works on wireless and hardwire and will solve most ip issues and some connectivity issues worth a try.....i will post a link btu wont be tehre long as will be hosted on a fre accoutn i have..
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whoaw.. i now narrowed down the problem and it is my Linksys BEFSR router (latest firmware).. i found out that though the lights stay on, the router seems to reboot itself internally every now and then! WTF?

I know this cause soon as i got disconnected i checked the UP TIME of the router, and it's like 24 seconds and rising... (should've been 15 minutes or more)..

network disconnected again after long use and boom, up time is back to mere seconds.. so the router does seem to reboot (though, again, the lights stay steady)

sometimes network disconnects, and reconnects 2 - 3 times in a matter of 5 seconds..

what gives?

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