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Default New generation

I was lead to believe my generation are suppose to be technology literate from before we can walk simply because theyre is now so many items that we come in contact every day now that 50 odd years ago would never of been common let alone existed. But I am still astounded by peoples inability to actually know how things work.......

I am not geeky or techy in real life but I have had a computer since the age of 3ish and so through trial and error have become quite computer literate and have the ability to just pick up a new device phone, camera, etc....... and just know how it works within a couple of minutes

For example when I bought a digicam for my mum the guy in the shop trying to sell it to me was giving the usual sales jargon and said that he actually had this camera and pulled it out of his bag to prove it and showed me how good the photos really turned out. So I was mucking about for around 4 minutes with it and opened up a menu which allowed me to do all the standard features and settings...... like it would colour tone areas of bright light to allow you to better adjust the angle of your shot so you don't get glare. The sales assistant who had owned the camera for nearly a year had no idea this menu even existed and was surprised by the camera even having the function. I don't know anything about camera's the only camera I own is on my phone and its just point and shoot with some fn settings for colours and frames

I get frustrated because people buy so many expensive things with no thought to need and when they do buy them. They don't even bother to use the item to its full potential or rather just don't realise that with a little exploring it has features which will save them time and hassle

Well that was my little rant about the idiotic world

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Default Re: New generation

Well, when I look around, I can tell the people that know tech - and clearly don't.
Most of the time (MOST), older people (in their 40's?) are the one's that are most ignorant. I think this is just because technology started to really boom about 10 years ago, and they just had more important things to do.

However, everyday I see younger and younger kids probably around 12 - 13 years old having cell phones. I didn't get my first phone until I was a junior in high school at 16.

Technology is advancing at however fast it wants to, and if people aren't going to keep up with it, they are going to be so far behind in everything they do; computers are the way of the future. Very few jobs still have no form of computer in the workplace, but I see every job having some type of computer in it within the next 15 years for sure.

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Default Re: New generation

I had my first mobile when I was 10-11 it had a clip on camera module lol btw this was back when phones had B&W screens so obviously the pictures from the camera were great!!!!! I think it was actually one of the first camera phones that existed, I broke the screen by leaving it in my jeans lol never trust an 11year old which is top of the line

how old are you now if you don't mind me asking?

everything is related to computers new dvd players have inbuilt hdd's and OS's you can get linux to run on a ps3 an use it like a real desktop
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Default Re: New generation

lol i feel ya i live in LA and i only know about 2 people in school which are my friend George and I that know anything in depth related to a pc's software and hardware. Lol my friends think they know about computer because they know how to browse on internet explorer or because they know how to update world of warcraft.
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Default Re: New generation

I'm probally the most computer literate person around, which gives me a rep (lol) but i hide it at school, i feel weird talking about that crap at school...

well again everyone around me are hicks, and i imagine sora down in uniontown (45 min drive from here) is the same way, since hes even closer to WV :Puke:
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Default Re: New generation

i eat noobs

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Default Re: New generation

for breakfast


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I need to stop using the internet.
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