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TheGlazer 01-11-2010 10:09 PM

New Build Complete: Thank You!!!
I want to say thank you to everyone on tech-forums that helped me with picking my parts and giving me advice on my new build; it is much appreciated! :)

So here it is, with some comments on each part.

CM Haf 932- Amazing case, not nearly as quiet as the Antec P182, but definately better cooling, and great for cable management. 9/10. Not 10/10 because doesn't come with dust filters. Anybody know where I can buy dust filters for this case?

Asus Maximus 3 Formula- Tough to say, haven't OC'd my system yet, X-Fi Creative sound card is pretty good; but will post when I get some benchmarks done.

Intel i7-860- Compared to my Core2Duo E6400, it's night and day; but waiting on OC to determine.

Venomous X Heatsink w/ Scythe S-Flex 1900rpm- Haven't OC'd, and waiting for my Scythe Kaze Master Ace to control fan speed on S-Flex fan; but the Venomous X w/ S-Flex is currently idling my system at 15C...... will post more when I OC and run benchmarks/Prime/etc. Will also add another fan for "Pull" in the future, depending on temps.

Corsair Dominator GT DDR3 1600 7-7-7-20- It matched the color of my mobo :). Will post after I do some tweaking, to see if they were worth the money.

Intel X25-M 80GB G2- For my O/S, programs, Games; I will NEVER go back to Hard Drives. That should say it all.

1TB Seagate 7200.12- Used as storage drive.

LG GH24NS50- Fast, but noisy when in use.

Asus 5770- Was gonna get the 5870 and another one down the road, but decided to get this for now, as the 300 series will be out soon. Also, this card is more than sufficient for the games I play right now (Starcraft, CS-Source).

Corsair HX750- 1st time using a modular power supply; and I will always be using modular from now on.

Windows 7 32-bit- Why not 64?.......... for my favourite game of all time, Starcraft, LOL.

Once again, Thank You to everyone at Tech-Forums who helped; I will post some results in the near future.

S0ULphIRE 01-11-2010 11:41 PM

Re: New Build Complete: Thank You!!!
^32 bit applications will run on 64 bit win7 no probs.

TheGlazer 01-12-2010 12:23 AM

Re: New Build Complete: Thank You!!!

Originally Posted by S0ULphIRE (Post 1758613)
^32 bit applications will run on 64 bit win7 no probs.

I was told by a few people, that Starcraft wouldn't run in 64-bit Windows 7............ have I been deceived?! :very_angry:

S0ULphIRE 01-12-2010 12:41 AM

Re: New Build Complete: Thank You!!!
Unfortunately I believe so lol, bad luck mate :)
Win7x64 has a seperate "program files" folder called "program files (x86)" specifically for 32 bit applications.

Whirlwind 01-12-2010 07:54 AM

Re: New Build Complete: Thank You!!!
Nice build....enjoy

james.wired 01-12-2010 08:02 AM

Re: New Build Complete: Thank You!!!
Bummer on the 32-bit, but at least you got Windows 7 :D Awesome build man..

kmote 01-12-2010 08:06 AM

Re: New Build Complete: Thank You!!!
It's possible but pretty unlikely there is a compatibility issue with that specific game but in general 32 bit apps run just as well on a 64 bit platform.
As for the LG, I've bought two or three LG SATA drives within the last few months and they have been a real disappointment to me versus similarly priced samsung units. Problems include not ejecting in time (which can be a real pain), and being incredibly noisy in use.
Other than that it's a very nice build.

Ste 01-12-2010 10:50 AM

Re: New Build Complete: Thank You!!!
Some people have problems with SC displaying properly, as in there may be some artifacting or werid dimensions.

Im not sure if those people were able to do anything.

james.wired 01-12-2010 11:44 AM

Re: New Build Complete: Thank You!!!
Agreed on the LG drives...mine is annoyingly loud when in use, which is usually only when burning CD/DVD media. I know Trotter had a not so much fun time with an LG drive also..

Card Trick 01-12-2010 03:14 PM

Re: New Build Complete: Thank You!!!
Nice Build, enjoy it!

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