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Default Help to do a little upgrade

I want to do a little upgrade for my PC, and its first time I'm doing such thing so I want to ask if that hardware are compatible and which are better.

What i want to upgrade:

-I want to upgrade video card

-I want to upgrade RAM memory

-I want to upgrade HDD

1.)Motherboard features for System Memory(I copied the from MB Manual)

-Supports up to 2 DDR devices

-Supports 266/333/400 MHz DDR devices(What are MHz for?And which MHz I suppose to buy?)

-Maximum memory size is up to 2 GB(Not important I have 512 and I want to buy 512 more)

I can chose:
-DIMM 512 MB 133 MHz
-DDR 512MB PC266
-DRR 512MB 333MHz
-DDR 512MB 400MHz CL3
-DDR 512MB 400MHz CL 2,5
-DDR 2 512MB 533MHz(I think my MB dont suport it for MHz)
-DDR 2 512MB 667 MHz

Which is the best?

2.)Serial ATA

-Controller integrated in SB VT8237R

-Supports RAID 0 and RAID 1 functions.

-Supports 2 Serial ATA (SATA) devices.
-Compliant with SATA Version 1.0 specification
-Data transfer rate up to 150 Mb/s

Here I want to buy
Also can choose:

3.)Video card
I have AGP and PCI connections

But I want to change my AGP because I have Nvidia GeForce4 MX 440 with AGP8x.

And I Want to change it for GF 6200 256MB AGP or GF 7300GT 256MB AGP (In informations i didnt see much different )

Also theres some good offers for PCI Express but I Have simply PCI (I dont sure its the same thing)Anyway I'll tell the offer like GF 6600 256MB PCI Express (its cheaper that the agp), 7300GS 256MB PCI Express, 7600GS 256 PCI Express(these are too cheaper that agp)

In case that PCI and PCI Express is the same is that good to have **** maincard and better PCI?

Please help me, and thank you for read all this.

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PCI<>PCI Express.

What is the point of upgrading, i.e. what will the upgrades help you do better?


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I want upgrade it for more space and better quality graphics (gaming)
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pls people tell what is better to buy
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1. Your motherboard used DDR. Memory that is DDR 2 is PHYSICALLY different memory and CANNOT be used in a DDR slot. Purchase whichever memory your budget allows. DDR400 will suit you fine, and isn't too expensive for 512 MB.

2. I have no idea what HDD 250 GB BUFFER is.. If your motherboard supports SATA hard drives, then get a SATA hard drive. AGIAN, get whatever your budget allows. You will want to ADD this drive, not replace your existing drive. If you replace the existing drive, you will have to reinstall the operating system, and all of you software. If you ADD it to the computer, you will still have the existing drive, PLUS the free space of the new drive.

3. You will want an AGP card. PCI Express and PCI are NOT the same interface, you will not PHYSICALLY BE ABLE to install a PCI Express card into a PCI or AGP slot. AGP cards will be a better upgrade than a PCI card.

Again, get whatever AGP card you budget allows.

We can't really tell you WHAT to buy, since you didn't give a budget for this upgrade, so we can't give you a SPECIFIC card, RAM, or hard drive to look at. For the hard drive, I would recommend looking at Hard drives made by Seagate, as they are very reliable, and come with 5 year warrenty's.
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For the memory, I would shut down the computer and take out the one you have. Write down any and all part numbers, manufacturer's name, etc. and then Google it (or visit the manufacturer's web site) to find out the specs of the memory you already have. You wouldn't want to buy slower memory than what you have. It may work, but it would do so by slowing down the memory you already have. Likewise, buying faster memory wouldn't help since it will slow down to match the speed of the memory you have. (If faster memory is all that's for sale though, that may be your only choice.) You want to match both the CL and clock (MHz) values.

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