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Default Questions about overclocking

Iv read about it. To what i understand its the process of getting higher performance from your computer. How do you do this and what do you do it for?Im still a little confussed about overclocking.

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Depending on your motherboard is how much you can overclock. You overclock by going into BIOS and changing up some things, i would reccomend you look it up more before messing around with things. When your computer starts press delete or f1 or f2 depending on your motherboard. Usual propriatory motherboards used in Dells, HP's etc are F1 and other boards are usually delete. Just know that it is possible you can damage some hardware. Overclocking does lessen the lifespan of the cpu. The usual lifespan is 10 years so it might decrease that to maybe 7, but who uses 1 cpu for a whole 7 years? anyway heres a good guide to it.

Good luck!

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Im probably not going to overclock. I dont want to risk messing up my new computer but my old laptop which i am on right now. ^__^ its old so i bet it probably cant and if it could i know it would mess up.
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Im still confussed. What is BIOS
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Qoute from another thread.

What you would Gain is just more Speed. Depending on how stable it is and how far you go that is. I only overclock so F@H will run faster that and Im bored.

Preparing to Overclock: Adding sufficent Case cooling so all components are Cooled. Usually 1 or more Fans in and out. My setup is: 120MM out, 1 120MM in, 2 80MM in 1 Out. 2 Fans on RAM.
After market heatsink on CPU w/ Artic Silver 5 as thermal Paste. Best heatsink are all Copper and usuasly have heatpipes. A high speed fan on the heatsink is also a good Idea. Good heatsinks for this socket are The XP-90 and XP-120. Draw backs are that they are expensive, heavy and Large. (Other cooling choice include but are not limited to Phase change, Peltier, watercooling)

What you should have: A digital multimeter to test Power supply for stability. Temparture programs such as Motherboard moniter 5, everest or Speed fan. A temp probe is suggested. Torture and Benchmark programs to test Overclock Stability. Such as Prime 95 or OCCT.

How to start: Start in slow incriments, Upping CPU clock by 2-3 Mhz. Until tempartures exceed safe limits or Windows/gamming and torture tests can no longer run without Stability/BSODing/ Error issues. Determining a stable overclock requires alot of time. At the least 8 hours of torture testing followed by 2 or more days of regular computer useage. Once an overclock has been determined unstable you can enter the CMOS and up the Vcore by 1 incriment and or loosening RAM timmings. A RAM divider may be needed at some point. Upping the DDR Voltage may also be needed. For example: RAM timminngs 3-4-3-7. My Defualts were 2-3-2-5 By Increasing the Values you effectivly allow the RAM to "keep up" with a given overclock. You may need to test different Values and combinations of CPU Clock, Vcore, DDR Voltage, RAM divider and RAM timmings before finding a stable plateau.

Notes: Overclocking is Limited by, quality of Power supply, motherboard, RAM and cooling.
Dangers: Overclocking Can cause hardware Instibility and if NOT properly monitered can Burn up and permantly Damge RAM/CPU/Motherboard?Graphic Card or Harddrive.
In some cases a windows installation can be currupted by High overclocks. Therefore it is suggested you back up important information frequently.

My Current Overclock. Stability: Not fully Accepted ATM

Others: Check your CMOS Setup for SATA/EIDE Lock. Enabling this option will help prevent the overclock from currupting windows.
In some cases a BIOS flash is required for some options to become available in the CMOS. A good test of Stability is not only Running Torture tests but having F@H or SETI run all the time.
If you have any other questions, don't Hesitate to ask them.
Btw, you don't want to overclock labtops even if you could.
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