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Default Re: Computer Postmortem

Originally posted by waynejkruse10
I know this sounds silly but
My computer recently broke. (AMD K6-2 550 mhz, 184 SD-RAM, 10 gig HDD, CD burner, Floppy drive, Modem, 4 months ago upgraded to XP from 98) Now i am being hassled by my family on why it broke.
That sux dude!!!!

With out really putting any thought into what you have discibed ;
My response would be that the MOTHERBOARD DIED as it was old. Like I have not seem a socket 7 motherboard since about early year 2000. And that was RA stock that the disty still had on hand.

That processor and motherboard set is about 4-5 years old. Most home computer life expectancy IMHO is 3 years.

It's going to be a bit of a good luck job finding a socket 7 motherboard now days as no one is making them any more.

If you purchased that system in 2001, then I would find it hard to believe that it's new.

Originally posted by waynejkruse10
My family (who arnt very computer literate) think because i was running XP it broke because i pushed it too hard but it easily met microsofts requirements for XP.
Now that is BULL$#!+ right there. Xp would easily run on that box. I have managed to get a Xp to run on CPUs a low as Celeron 333Mhz. And I have installed it on plenty of 500 Mhz CPUs with out a hit.
No offence, but your parents are full of $#!+ with their statement.

You might try to convince your parents to upgrade to some thing newer / better. Like a motherboard + Celeron 2Ghz is only about $200 in this country.

Over all, good luck. I really hate it when some one it on my back about things. Especialy when they have no idea.

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