xp networking WHAT FUN!!

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OK here is the deal.
I had small office network running on an xp os and a win me os.
Seemed to be working fine. I upgraded the ME to XP and tryed putting that on the network. Everything is sharing fine except the program files directory and windows directory on both computers.
It keeps popping up as Access Denied.
I have tryed taking the read only attribute off the folder but cant. Dont know if thats the problem.
I have also redone the network by changing the names of computers and workgroup.
I am at a loss for another solution
Network troubleshooter was no help. Cant find anything on not being able to share a specific folder.
Thanks for any suggestions

this might also be win xp's way for helping protect you from getting program files and system files deleted by someone on a different computer. I don't know this for sure but i think that it makes sense
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