Which of these 5 would you recommend me to buy?


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Hi all,

First of all, thanks for taking the time to read this and for helping me decide. I am looking into the following notebooks and can't seem to decide. Any words of advice are more than welcome.

1) Lenovo Ideapad 320 Intel Core i5-7200u
2) Dell Inspiron I15-5566-A50P
3) Dell Inspiron i15-5567-A30B
4) Asus X556UR-XX478T
5) Acer Aspire F5-573-51LJ Intel Core i5-7200U

I don't play any games that require a heavy videocard. I teach English and Dutch online, so a good webcam and an overall quick responding computer is what I need. I live in Brazil and it does get hot in my apartment, so cooling vents on the side is a plus. I'm leaning towards #2, but it's also the most expensive.

What would you do? I have my sights set on one of these 5, so no need to recommend any other models. Chances are they are not for sale in Brazil anyways, so I'd really like your input on one of these 5.

Once again, much obliged!


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First of all, I won't recommend a model because that's your call.

So, I think the first thing you'll need is a cooling pad. That'll give you more freedom to choose something without having to worry as much for vents and heat.

If you want something that is fast in the sense that applications and the OS load quickly, you have to be looking at something with an SSD. A good processor is not that important unless you are gaming, editing, rendering, compiling or doing some other resource-intensive work. The same goes for the RAM and video card.

So, to summarize, get a decent and relatively new processor (the integrated graphics should be fine), enough RAM (8-12Gb, maybe more depending on how long you plan to keep this, don't worry about RAM speed and timings too much), and an SSD (this being the most important, although it can be expensive to get laptops that have this).

Also read reviews to see how the battery holds up against life and nature.


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I'd say the asus, but that's just because i've only ever had good experiences with their products.

And you're unlikely to find a good webcam built into the laptop, let alone a good microphone.

If you're not doing any gaming, i'd say buy the least expensive one WITH AN SSD and get nice peripherals (camera, mic., etc.). your students will notice the difference if you have good video quality, and especially appreciate good audio quality when learning a new language.