webpage not loadingafter using vpn


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so I have this useless vpn called ipvanish that I paid for a full year and haven't been able to use it

now randomly certain pages stop loading on my computer but work fine on every other pc
even now it works on desktop in next room but not on mine
both are connected to same network

and if I can remember correctly it seems to be happening after I use the vpn
and lasts for few days or week or two then starts working again without any changes

I already tried the dns reset

what else should I check

page works in firefox but doesn't reender properly like in explorer so I use explorer not firefox for that reason...(I prefer using explorer and don't need advice about using other browsers)


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This may or may not be the case but I have found that when I exit my VPN I have to go in and manually reset my DNS settings.


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yea I ve been having issues after using that vpn for a while now.
sometimes I have to restart my modem too

sadly I paid a whole year subscription in advance..

so far its been the most useless purchase for me

it disconnects randomly, freezes, freezes my windows sometimes
which essentially makes it pointless because it exposes my traffic failing at the one job is has to do...

I tried to reset dns but it didn't do anything

the page is like slowly starting to work
now it loads the front page but the links don't load
only on my pc. works fine on every other computer
is there anything else I can reset besides dns? I already did that and made no difference