Videos/Games are darker.... Blacks are fragmented?


Daemon Poster
Its weird....This started happening yesterday. I was watching a video that I edited for my project and I realized that the image looked a lot darker than before. Specifically, the woman's face in the video was much darker and somewhat blurry. You couldn't make out the face's features, etc.

Then I started up Live for Speed, a car game I have. The car, tracks, etc, are much darker than they're supposed to be.

I don't remember how it happened last night, but SOMETHING made this problem go away. Whether it was a restart or whatever, I remember watching the video again and saying "Ah nice, its back to normal."

But now the problem is back again. I tried a restart but nothing worked. Any ideas? The only thing I've done before the problem started was to install the newest version of Winamp and overclock my computer to 3.2GHz.