Video Game Sales Make Surprise Plunge in April

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Video Game Sales Make Surprise Plunge in April - Plugged In - Yahoo! Games

Sales of video game software and hardware plummeted in April, shocking industry observers who were expecting the numbers to be slightly positive or, worst case, down just slightly. That could mean a rough Friday for video game stocks.

I don't get the console sales though, how do they expect the same amount of sales over a long period of time? Eventually the people who want to buy it will have it, I guess it's the software and hardware together dropping is what they are talking about.
...Along with all the accessories too.

Maybe also because we haven't been swamped with good releases as much as we used to.

Or is everyone just still playing MW2 ;)
I would prefer games to be released in June actually. It is the beginning of summer, so I have lots of free time.
I wouldn't really care when they are released, I never have freetime. I actually haven't beaten the past several games I've bought.
They were hoping on more fat lazy kids doing nothing but games, However if the weather is nice people are going to be out in it. Darn you healthy kids for not being lazy lumps doing nothing but playing video games
Don't worry, video game industry, I'm sure the sales shall skyrocket in the fall when Halo Reach comes out. :p
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