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I have a sony PCV-RS620, was woundering if i could just buy a new MB [new Processors and new rams], powerunit, and a better looking case. Can I use my old [the one already in this sony] HDs, videocard, tv-tuner,cd/dvd/burner, most important the vr. of window already in the HDs?

Very noob q?, Im a noob to building computers.

So if thats a simple yes, I would probly be back to ask which ones are good.



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You would have to check the interface for all the old devices and make sure the new mother board has them. ex if you video card uses agp 4x/8x in order for it to work the new motherboard has to have a 4x/8x agp slot. The dvd and cd burners sould be ok because the interface hasnt changed in a while... chances are they are ide and like 95% of motherboards still use that (to my understanding) The only problem I can see you having is that The ver of windows as you refer to as might not work because at the motherboard is different and migt cause errors with the drivers and such. I had problems at school with this same kind of situation I have a removable hardrive that I put in the computers at school so I have my own space to work on but when the school upgraded to newer machines My Operating System(ver of windows) wasn't working with them. I was told to reformat but haven't yet.

Hope this helps sorry if it didn't. I don't know how much you do know about computers but I tryed to keep simple for ya.


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You should have a ide cable for the hard drive, might be sata, but everything should run ok, just make sure everything is compatable.

And with the parts you plan on keeping, its sounding like it would be.

The vid card in a retail computer is probobly PCI, same with the tuner card, and the hard drive (as i said before) is probobly IDE so that will just plug right in too, and it should boot windows for you.

The only problem that you might run into are the video drivers, which are usually on your hard drive, but may conflict with the new motherboards PCI ports.


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Thanks to you both for trying to help..
Blood"" yeah i would say myself I dont know much about the build of a computer, I was able to buy, and add the HDs to this computer.. it had 60g then I got 2 120g HDs.. so I know a lil'... well so far from what i got for ya'll.. seem like its can happen.. imma go work on a price and what i would hope to get and will be back here to see what you have to say.. again thanks..


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The upgrade is possible but you might have a problem with xp's activation. When you first activate windows, serial numbers on 10 devices get sent to them (consolidated in an installation ID). When you change at least 5 of the devices, xp will nag you for reactivation. The network card counts as three changes but the rest are one.List of devices:
  1. Display adapter
  2. SCSI adapter (extra life ;) if you dont have it)
  3. IDE adapter
  4. Network adapter MAC address (counts as three changes)
  5. RAM amount range
  6. Processor type
  7. Processor serial number
  8. Hard drive (the one thats in use)
  9. Hard drive volume serial number (of the system partition)
  10. Optical drives
If you have a legit version of xp, then telephone activation will go well for you. If not, then sucks to be you.