tv tuner/pcmcia slot?


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Before my daughter broke up with her boyfriend he was in charge of getting her a computer for school that also was able to have tv through it. Of course, he won't help in finishing and we do not have whatever it was that is the tv program/software. Can you direct me to what and were to buy? As far as we can tell there is no tv tuner card and we think he said he was using the PCMCIA slot to install the card/program for watching tv.

This is what her computer has:

Pentium 4 Processor at 2.8GHz w/ 1MB cache
MB DDR SDRAM at 333MHz 64MB GeForce4 MX Graphics Card with TV-Out
160GB Performance Serial ATA Hard Drive (7200 RPM)
Front/ Rear IEEE 1394 Ports and Dual Front PCMCIA slots
Microsoft Windows XP Home Edition,Service Pack 1,English


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why not just buy a pci tv tuner card from one of the many online retailers...
you sure he said pcmcia slot and not pci? as im sure it would be quite hard to fit a tuner into pcmcia slot so i would guess they are quite expensive, if you feel the need to get an external tuner then you can buy usb ones, however they are no where near as good as your typical pci ones, from what i have read.


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Kids can be so Childish sometimes. Good thing she broke up he must be a real jerk. Anyways,

Yeah ATI makes some good TV tuners. It fairly easy to install. Too bad this guy was too stupid just to get an ATI all-in-wonder card. That would have been the easiest way.

There is something called an ATI Tv wonder pci card. You can start by looking at that. Also you can go to your favorite computer store and ask them where they keep these types of things and ask for a recommendation.

Dang I wish this guy had the brains to get an ATi all in wonder, Obviously not.
Haupaugge! :D

WinTV; you'll find it in any PC World and you can even get an easy to install USB version of it. Very good program and hardy hardware - been using my USB one for about 3 Years now, and the PCI one I had for 2 years before that.

USB is about £60 without the frills; PCI if you want to install it is probably much cheaper than that without the Frills if they still come like that; I don't know. They're well worth it though and easy to install - especially the USB one which is practically installing a Printer.


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Dont go with USB it isnt nearly as fast and as good as PCI. If I wouldhave gotten a PCI card for the same price as my USB one I couldv'e watched things at twice the resolution.