Troubleshooting Simple "Home Network"

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I am trying to help my folks set up their two PCs to print to a single printer. Though my IT background does not include much hardware work, the configuration seems pretty straightforward, so I'm thinking it may have something to do with the OS or firewall settings. Here's the scenario:

1) Two PCs running Microsoft Windows XP;
2) DSL line from Alltel with a SpeedStream DSL Modem 5200;
3) Linksys BEFSR41 v2 router; and
4) HP PSC 950xi printer.

The hardware has the following ports/features:

Linksys BEFSR41 v2 Etherfast Cable/DSL Router;
ports: power, uplink, four RJ35 ports, WAN

SpeedStream DSL Modem 5200 Ethernet/USB ADSL;
ports: power, DSL, Ethernet, USB

HP PSC 950xi print/fax/scan/copy;
ports: power, to phone, from wall, USB

I've tried a variety of connections/configurations, but the one that seems to make the most sense and is somewhat represented i the literature is:

1) DSL/phone line into DSL modem;
2) RJ35 from DSL modem to Linksys WAN port;
3) RJ35 from Linksys PC port 1 to Computer (A);
4) RJ35 from Linksys PC port 2 to Computer (B);
5) USB from printer to Computer (A).

I am able to get each computer to print successfully if the USB cable is run directly from the printer to a Computer A or B, but not both at once. Previously, the PCs were internet-ready via a cable modem. I believe the config was that Computer A was the "primary" PC and that Computer B printed by going through the Linksys connection to print thorugh Computer A.

When I have this config as described, I make sure that the printer properties turn on "sharing" for the current workgroup (named "Home".) At one point, I was able to see the "Home" workgroup from Computer B when browsing for an available printer, but when I drilled down, no printers were displayed under that workgroup.

Here's one oddity: the prior (cabel modem, 2 PCs networked, 1 printer) config connected via Computer A printing on a port defined as "DOT4_001", as opposed to a COM port or LPT port.



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sharing the printer on the PC its connected to is correct

drivers for the printer must be installed on BOTH machines

it should show up in the network somewhere after the drivers are installed on the machine the printer isnt connected to, it will print across the LAN

it might have a weird designation like "DOT4_001", hard to say

need a windows person to help out here, but the steps are prettymuch the same on any network no matter what OS


By the sounds of it, you did everything right:confused:

But, here is some tips to hopefully help out:
-Using "Run..." from the Start menu, type in "\\IP address of computer with printer connected" See if the printer shows up there.

-In the printer properties, make sure that the permissions allow for the user on the other computer to view and be able to print on that printer.
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