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Hi, I have moved my desktop computer upstairs, before reformatting both the laptop and desktop computer, I had a working network, now I have a poor wireless network card (not for much longer, but I need a new desk first). They are both visible to each other, but when I try to access the desktop it says it can't find it, and when I try to access the laptop I fail the password, even though I have copied it to the letter. I have successfully created a network multiple times with windows 7 and xp, even if I have had a few problems with xp, I always had it working okay, I can access the files on the laptop from my bluray player which is connected to the network, but the bluray player doesn't even detect the desktop. Is this due to my network card? or am I doing something wrong? thanks.


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Since you reformatted you need to re-enable the file sharing which is located in your network and sharing center on the windows 7 OS. ( Click Start > Control Panel > Network and Internet > Network and Sharing Center )

Network Discovery is most likely turned off since you reformatted and its off by default, you will need to turn it on by cilcking arrow button to expand the section and click "Turn on network discovery".

Then you will need to turn on file sharing by expanding the section and clicking "turn on file sharing".

You then need to turn on Public folder sharing if you want to place files in the public folders so all devices can see the pubilc folders on that system. Again expand the section and click "turn on".

If you want to share a specific folder simply rght click that folder and click "Share", click the arrow and selec the people you want to share with then click "Share".

Hope this helps