Tried swapping the MB, CPU and power supply of another older (but more powerful) box-


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Tried swapping the MB, CPU and power supply of another older (but more powerful) box- a Gigabyte H77M for an older EVGA X58, a Core i5 for an i7, and a Coolermaster 525W for a Corsair 650W....Everything else was the same- the hard drive, GPU, ram, case...

I managed to boot it up, installed drivers, but everything was slower. Do you think it would help if I reinstalled Windows? The problem seems to be the hard drive- it's a Neutron GTX SSD but I made sure to put AHCI in the bios.
You need to do a clean install of windows, your current o.s. has the wrong drivers for your motherboard, cpu and just about everything else
You may be right there.

I've been looking through some of my old posts- here are the parts I'm swapping-

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If I could throw a roost for all the guys here that have helped me so much over the years= for so little in return= Slaymate, PPMcguire, Trotter, and so many others...

Anyway= yes I'll try reinstalling the OS and shall let you know how it goes in case anyone's interested.
It's Win 7 Ultimate x32...

Still hoping to prevent the need for a complete reformat....

The reason I decided to do the swap out was because I've accumulated some rather important files and am setting up a backup strategy with 4 drives:

one main drive, one online backup, one offline backup and one offsite backup- that's where the ol beast comes into play at my mother's basement in the countryside (you can even take this one step further now with the Falcon Heavy launch to do an off-world backup at $1000/ pound).
Would suggest reinstalling anyway to get off of 32bit Windows and onto 64bit Windows.
You're right but it turned out the problem wasn't the OS or drivers. I simply didn't read the motherboard manual carefully enough. I thought all the SATA connectors were the same, but it turns out the fancy red ones are the JMicron connectors designed for raid. When you set them to AHCI with normal hard drives, Windows simply won't boot.
Incidentally, can anyone tell me whether there's an incompatibility with an Antec 1200 case and a Cooler master 525W PSU and/ or a Gigabyte H77M MB? I'm sure I've connected everything right, and tried swapping different ram, GPU, etc. but there's no power at all. (this was to be my backup computer).
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