This is nuts, never seen it before!

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In Runtime
Windows 98, 64mb ram, Intel Pentium II 450.

This is a gateway system that came in today.

Virus definition was last updated 10/16/98 ---eeep lolol

Ran current Panda Platinum 7

Detected w32/Magistr.B

27 Infected files, including files in windows/command

Virus and trojan sweep completed.

When mouseover any icons on the desktop, they flash and dissappear, then rearrange themselves in no certain order.

Any one have any ideas why?
LOL, I love the crazy crap that Magistr can do! Most people wont recommend it, but if you dont wanna do a clean install, and your sure that the virus is gone, re-install windows over top of itself. Ive had it fix stuff like that many times.
Cool, yeah thats what i was thinking, instead of backing all this ladies stuff up, ide try to install windows over windows, i suppose it couldnt hurt.

Thanks man, appreciate it!
Oh, dont get me wrong, it COULD hurt. It could make windows completely unable to boot. But I've seen it fix everything much more often.
Hahaha, no man, i know it could hurt it,...lfmaoo

We always back up and make ghost images of all hds that come in, once thats done, which it is now, i will try what you suggested, and by saying it couldnt hurt, i mean i can just c:/format the box and reinstall 98 then pull what i need from the ghost :)
True, enough, didnt want to be the cause of something bad.
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