Setting up a small network at my home


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Alright...let me start off with the computers that I would like on this network.

866MhZ 512MB Ram 15GB HD Ethernet 10/100 - Windows XP Pro

400MhZ 64MB Ram 8GB HD Ethernet 10/100 - Windows XP Pro

266MhZ 92MB Ram 2GB HD Ethernet 10/100- Windows 2000 Pro

166MhZ 64MB Ram 1.5GB HD Ethernet 10/100- Windows 98

133MhZ 32MB Ram 1.5GB HD Ethernet 10/100 - Windows 98

I have access to all released Microsoft operating systems so tell me what you would do with these computers to make a network. I want a server in this configuration. Thanks



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Why wouldnt I be serious? This is something that I want to do as a living as soon as I am done school. I want to play around with this stuff right now.


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why dont you go read a few things about networking first instead of having someone else design it for you then? In the real world we design our own networks.