Really need help with setting up a home server!

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First of all, I am new so if I am posting in the wrong place, feel free to tell me where to go.

I am new to websites and servers. I am trying to set up my own server at home using Windows 2000 Advanced Server or IIS in Windows 2000 Professional.

I need help because I can't log in using my domain name. I can login using the IP address, but my dot com name will not work. I have no idea what I am doing wrong so could someone please help me.

I can change server software or whatever I need to do because I need this server for business reasons (as well as personal). Or someone can point me somewhere where I can read up on it myself.

Either way, I really need help tying my dot com name to my IP address and server.
I'm not all that well versed in hosting on a Win2k Server box, but here's my two cents.

If you're having problems with your domain name, perhaps it's something the company who registered it can help you with?
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