Random Shut downs. Proccessor or Power supply?

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Ok so I've been told to start this thread here from this thread : http://www.techist.com/forums/f76/random-shut-downs-computer-build-227841/

Ok so far I've gotten some better thermal compound "Arctic Silver Ceramique" and now I can get it to idle at 140 farenheit. But when I try to do anything demanding of the system say play my Call of Duty 4 Modern Warfare it will power down in under 5 minutes. When this last happened I was able to boot into the Bios and saw it was at 82 celsius before it powered off again on me. Right now I'm running an AMD Athlon 64 processor, GA-K8N-Sli mobo, 1 gig 9500gt graphics card, Coolmaster Heatsink and Fan, and a 250w power supply (didn't buy it it's all I have right now).

It will idle now at 140 farenheit but the moment I try to do anything that is demanding of the system it overheats still. Any input greatly appreciated!! Could it be an old processor? Too small of a power supply? Anything I could of missed?

I also have an industrial box fan at it's highest fan setting sitting right up against the tower with the side panel removed for extra cooling.
when you bought and applied the new thermal paste did you clean off the old stuff that was leftover from both the bottom of the heatsink and the top of the cpu?

how much new thermal paste did you reapply?

are you sure you have secured the heatsink back on properly?
It's idleing at 140F? That 60C which is hotter than it should get at full load. It sounds like the heatsink is either loose or damaged.
Honestly there wasn't any old thermal paste from the previous owner that I received this processor and mobo from. I believe I applied more thermal paste than i should of. frosting on a cake almost lmao. The heatsink does not budge it's as snug as it can be.

Yes when it shuts down the heatsink is too hot to touch.

The heatsink isn't damaged and has been thoroughly cleaned and checked. It's still in great condition.


If i can't get this fixed it's going to be my "Submerged mobo test" using a fish tank and mineral oil similar to this:

Custom PCs by Puget Systems; Mineral Oil Submerged Computer

if that doesn't cool it down I don't know what will lol
I experimented with the whole mineral oil thing when I was about 16. I highly recommend you choose a different method of cooling the computer, because not only is mineral oil super messy, but air can work as well or better with correct ventillation and cooling.
You only want to use a thin layer of Thermal Paste.

Is the fan, that's attached to the heatsink, spinning?
Really is that submerged that bad huh? lol


got a hold of a 520 watt power supply from a trashed server a friend had and mounted it to my tower and then found out that the heatsink fan that i had was burning out and replaced that fan as well. Idles at about 33 celsius now and at max load (playing COD4 for example) doesn't exceed 53 celsius. Still need to be cooler or should i be good now?
Yes 53c at load is fine

I am usually a cooling junkie, and my system never exceeds 35c at load. But then again I have 5 90mm fans pushing air around, and I clean out the dust every week. You should especially get a can of air duster and blow out the fans. Don't just blow it AT the fan, but stick the little nossle inside the fan where the parts are that make it spin, and get all the gunk out.

Anyway, 53c is nothing to worry about. Anything 60c or higher and I would start to worry.
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