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I am trying to get my Biostar P4-M900-M to boot by typing a password on the keyboard. I know there should be a option for it, but I can't find it. I also don't know a way to upgrade my bios bc i am on Ubuntu!!! Any help would be appreciated.
I looked up the downloads page for your motherboard Biostar USA (make sure that that is your motherboard because you don't want to get that wrong).

You'll want to download P4M9M614.BSA, and follow the instructions (see the link How do I update my BIOS on that page). It doesn't matter what OS you use since the OS isn't involved.

However for me when I try to download either of those files, I get an error that the folder can't be found - hopefully you can have better luck?

Anyway, without having your BIOS I can't really tell you where the password function is, but it should in there somewhere. Try looking in your motherboard manual to see what it says there - it should have information on every function in the BIOS.
Thanks, I had a look manually (instead of the google search to find that other one) and have now found it. BIOSTAR :: P4M900-M4 :: Specification

The file on the BIOS page for that, just stick it on a floppy or USB stick (if it supports booting from USB, which it might not) and it will update using that.
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Unfortunately without looking through the bios personally, there's not much any of us can do unless someone just happens to own that particular motherboard.
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