Please Read this is serious honest to god real


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For anyone who is interested in getting a free Desktop computer read this. I am honest to god dead serious, swear on my familie's graves, cross my heart strike me dead now serious that this is no joke. My friend found a site that allows you to get free ipods for free by just filling out a quick free survey and then refering 5 friends. And to my disbelief he actually got the free ipod. Well that may sound to good to be true but its not. Me and my friend are now trying to get a free desktop pc. Only difference is you need to refer 10 friends. Why wouldn;'t you sign up and try to get your free desktop pc too. its quick and easy. I even listed the steps you need to take to make this even easier for you! Please do this you won't be dissapointed.

By the way i do not work for the company!!!!!

Sign up for your free pc here

Thanks Alot


Step 1.

On the main page fill in your email (use one that you dont use too much, since you will get spammed), and make a password for and Hit 'Next Step'

side note ( is a good site to make a free email adress that you will need later)

Step 2.

On this page, you should fill in all the information about you. They will also ship your pc to this location, so type carefully. You might want to also lie and pretend you're 18. Hit 'Continue'.

Step 3.

The following 10 or so pages will be asking to fill out surveys. Don't bother, it's a waste of time. Keep clicking no until you get to the following step.

Step 4.

On this page you can choose to refer your friends. We will do that later. For now, hit 'Skip This Step'.

Step 5.

The next page should look like this. It should have multiple offers on the bottom half of the page. You can choose any one you'd like, but if you do not have access to a credit card, and do not wish to spend money, keep reading.

Step 6.

Look for an EBay offer. This will be the easiest, and most secure. IF YOU DO NOT have an ebay offer on your page, go to the bottom of this post and read the side note.

Step 7.

When you see the Ebay page, click the register button.

Step 8.

Fill out all the information. Fill it out correctly, also. Where it asks for your email, you do not have to put a real email, DESPITE what it says. Trust me on this one. If you put in a real email, use an email from a free provider such as hotmail or yahoo (or the email adress you used so you don't have to use a differnt one later on), and make sure it is not already being used for an ebay account. Hit 'Continue'.

Step 9.

This page should ask for your credit card number. Unless you plan on using ebay in the future, don't bother (or if you do not have one). Click the link that says 'enter a different email'.

Step 10.

This page requires an e-mail that is NOT free. Such as your schools, your ISP's, an organization or the email account you made. If you do not have any, get in contact with someone who owns a website, and ask them for an email at their domain. has free emails under their free stuff section which you can apply for. (They take time). Continue to the next page.

Step 11.

On this page, select the two check boxes on the bottom, and hit continue (reading all that crap is optional).

Step 12.

Ebay will send an email to the second address you entered (remember, the first didn't matter). Check the e-mail, and on the top should be a button like in the picture. Click the button to confirm your account.

Step 13.

You should now be logged into ebay and see a screen similar to this. However, we are not complete. You must bid on an item. I know I know, you don't want to spend money. Well here's how not to! In the search box, type in something of high value. A video game console, a TV, you name it. I searched for xbox.

Step 14.

Click the hyperlink with the caption 'price' to sort it from lowest price first. Find what you were looking for, at a low amount. I found a playstation with a starting bid of one cent. Bid a cent on it. You are garaunteed to get outbid for a xbox, or anything expensive, if you only bid one penny. If somehow you do win, well hey, you won a playstation for less then a buck! *Note: There are rumors that to get credit for, you must place a bid of one dollar or more. I bid up to a dollar just to be safe.

Step 15.

Scroll to the bottom of the auction of your choice, and place a bid. Hit 'Place Bid'

Step 16.

Hit 'Submit' to confirm your bid.

Step 17.

It should now state you are the highest bidder. You are finished! You can now continue to and check your status, and refer your friends. Link them to your referal, and this page to show them how to get everything finished the easiest way.


For those of you without an ebay offer, complete the following steps.

Step 1.

Go to your 'Complete Offer' page. Right click the page on a blank spot, and select view source.

Step 2.

Look for a line of code that includes the following URL:*******&OfferID=. In place of *******, will be your unique referral numbers. Copy and paste from http: up to the = in the URL (ctrl+F works well to find lines of code). Paste it into a new window in internet explorer. Add an 8 to the URL after the =. You should now be able to use the ebay offer. When doing this, make sure you are also logged into From here, fall back to step 7.


Amazing that people still fall for this shit.. Remember the old adage... If it's too good to be true......


these things are actualy real, they guys who run them get loaded so dont think its a catch.


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its is really real. i konw it does sound too good to be true. i didnt believe it at first either, but i saw proof of it real online, so i tried it and i got a free ipod and it works great