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I don't really know that much about networking and literally nothing about macs. My girlfriend has asked me to set up an adsl connection for her to share between 1 PC running XP Pro and 2 mac laptops of some kind (i assume runing osx), this looks plausable using a simple adsl router (eg. http://www.netgear.co.uk/wired_broadband_router_dg834.php). (please tell me if I'm wrong)

My question is... what kind of network compatibility will there be between a pc and a mac, can they transfer files (eg music/video) across the network? Are there any limitations i should be aware of?
Is such a network hard to setup? The router I selected above seems to be basically plug & play for xp, is this true with the mac????

XP pro is setup using NTFS, is this a problem?

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its pretty much the same as networking 2 pc's or 2 macs. just plug em into the router, share the internet, set up your shares on each pc/mac. and you should be able to view the computers shared files/printers etc. ive done it a couple of times, always ran into alittle glitch but got it work eventually.
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