New Workstation


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Building my first desktop for myself in 5 years. What do you think?
Mainly used for Drafting and 3D modeling. I will have XMBC on this as well. I'm thinking about getting the 940, dont know if its worth it.

A406-1105 NZXT Whisper Full Tower Silent Case
K450-2507 Kingwin Mach 1 PSU SLI Ready Quad 12v Rails
Intel i7 920
Asus P6T
Corsair XMS3 12gb PC12800
GeForce GTX 260 896mb PCI Express 2.0 Dual Link
Seagate Barracuda 1.5tb 7200rpm 32mb cache SATA-3G x4
WD Caviar Black 750gb 7200rpm 32mb cache SATA 3G x3
Diamond Green Button IR RC for Media Center

Added motherboard

Also, since I plan to overclock, do I need to worry about latency?


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All looks well. Except you posted no motherboard :O I think.

I'd stick with the 920 because the 940 features the same 4.6G/T QPI. Basically just a higher clocked 920 for way more money. You can get that speed by OC'ing.

Make sure that the SeaGates you are getting are NOT the 7200.11 series. I would suggest 7200.12 only. The 11's have firmware issues. And the 12's have a better design. (less platters, heat, noise, etc.)

I'm not sure how large your monitor is or how much VRAM this program you use takes up. Make sure you are getting a GTX 260 Core 216. It has more stream processors. I think EVGA makes a version of it which offers 2Gb of onboard VRAM if you think it would be necessary. I've never seen or used the CAD program so I don't know what kind of resources it uses.

Should be an excellent build :D


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Thank you for the input. The drafting programs atm do not make use of vc memory. They do use the directx hardware accleration though. And yes the HDD are 7200.12 series.