New Phone? Or No new phone?

Im Deciding wether or not too get a new phone! The Phones im interested in are all on 24 Month Plans.

Im Torn Between these:

HTC Magic - $53 A Month OR $700 Outright

Samsung Omnia I900
- $39 A Month OR $420 Outright

Nokia E71 - $39 A Month OR $460 Outright

HTC Touch Pro
- $57 A Month OR $600 Outright

Nokia 5800 Xpress Music - $43 A Month OR $415

Does anybody have these phones? What are the pro's and con's? Does Android have any emulators yet (GBA,Snes,Genesis)?


Omnicide now.
That's a lot for any phone.
Is that in addition to what you are currently paying?
Id say the HTC touch pro is the best out of those.
No im currently on prepaid but my old E61 is just becoming too sluggish and the convinience of a plan would be nice :D

I really like the HTC Touch pro as well :D
Too Expensive.

Out of my price range.

Oh and either Telstra or Three.

Edit; I Might just buy a phone outright just in case i lose meh' job.So really it's just which phone is the best :D


I have a T-Mobile G1, AKA HTC Dream. I love it!

I have both a hard and soft keyboard, and the hard keyboard is by far the easiest to type on...
I can get a HTC Dream for inbetween $400 and $600.

What are the pro's and cons of the HTC Dream? Any Emulators for it? Mad Apps?


Battery life isnt great... at all.

Lots of good apps (Not as many as the iPhone perhaps... But they are good non-the-less). Google have made a few (The My Tracks app is great if you like cycling/walking..). GeoBeagle is good if your into Geocaching.

There are some decent games... However, not many 3D ones (You must remember that as the Android Platform develops, more phones will be released.. which will result in more apps.

The Keyboard hardware keyboard is really good, as is the trackball thing.

Quite a few apps make use of the in-built compass.

It's cool how you can get widgets for the home screen. I currently have a FML and Weather Widget on there, along with a google search bar and a clock :p

I will have a search for some emulators now...

I wouldnt get the Omnia. I really dislike the interface - it feels kinda cheap :D