Netbook troubles connecting to wireless network


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It says it's connecting fine, but it just says "Looking up [website]" in the status bar. It never connects.

The signal strength is excellent.

I've checked the network options and made sure it wasn't set for a proxy.

It happens with all browsers (firefox, chrome, explorer).

All other computers using the wireless are fine.

I checked the network protocols and they all SEEM to be installed properly (TCP/IP etc...), but I don't know a lot about this, so not 100% positive.

This computer was purchased in Germany and is being used in Thailand.

The computer has worked fine on some other wireless networks in Thailand.

What's interesting is that it connects regardless if the password is entered correctly. We entered 10 A's and it connected to the network the same as if we entered the proper password. At least it LOOKS connected, we still can't connect to a website.

Just trying to get as much info across as to what we've already tried. The next resort is doing a repair install of Windows.... If someone has some other ideas, please let me know.



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Try reinstalling the wireless newtork driver. Also what security is the wireless using? Perhaps the computer driver doesn't support it.