need help with Windows Server 2008 R2


Daemon Poster
okay so im taking my Intro to Network Infrastructure Configuration class
and i have the server installed as a VM in VMWare Player
what i keep doing is everytime i make changes to the vm i save, shutdown
then copy the files to my external hard drive
when i get to school or when i need to do my homework on my laptop
i copy the files to the internal hard drive and then run the server
but here is my problem

were are playing Active Directory, DHCP, and DNS
so the server flips out without a static IP address
so i slapped in a Class C address for my desktop/and laptop use
but when im at school they have the class room behind a proxy to protect the school from us
so everytime i fire up the server at school i have to change the static IP
and input the address for the proxy and the gateway for the proxy
this can be rather annoying

can anyone guide me in how to make a batch scrip
that would allow me to (when ran) change the needed settings for school
and then a different one for my desktop/laptop

i will need to change the IP address in IPv4
i will need to input a Proxy server address and a port number

then remove those and put in the address that i created for use on my laptop/desktop

thanks for any help guys or gals