My Monitor Keeps Turning off In The Middle Of A Game


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When i play GTA IV Or Just Cause 2 about 20 minutes in the screen turns off ( PC remains on) and if i move the mouse the screen comes back on, But it crashes my game. I've turned the power plan options so that they say " Switch Display off - Never" and i even changted the advanced power options. My PC only started doing this today and it sucks! , Please Help!!

Captain Pooka

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First off, this post needs to be moved to hardware :)

Now the problem, sounds like your video card. It's overheating I bet, though I've never heard of it shutting off a monitor and it turning back on. But what doesn't make sense is you say you move the mouse to turn it back on. Aren't you constantly moving the mouse during a game?

Download HW monitor. Tell us what the temps are when you're playing a game.