My desktop computer turns on itself after power outage is restored. I've got intel D8


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I've got INTEL D82865GLC motherboard
I've got INTEL D82865GLC motherboard
Hi, my computer used to work perfectly fine. It never used to turn on itself after power outage was restored.
Once it happened that I accidentally put the BIOS password on the motherboard. I forgot the BIOS password so in order to restore it, I did two things(1. Upgraded my firmware version of BIOS which didnt restore the password, 2. Cleared the CMOS password by plugging out the plugs by looking at the manual of the motherboard and again putting them back on the appropriate place)
The password was successfuly cleared off but the only issue I've been having after that is that when power failure occurs; upon its coming back the computer turns off itself(despite of the reason that after updating the firmware I again had modified the settings required to keep the computer as "OFF" upon the power failure through the BIOS) Please help me out here


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There's an option the BIOS under the power options that when power is restored, it either turns on, restores the last state (if it was on, it will turn on, and if it was off, it'll remain off) or off.