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Internet suddenly stopped working for no reason. Network card is OK and I even tried ethernet USB adaptor but no luck! Cand send information but nothing is received (activity/packets). Also, unable to renew the IP address! Other PCs work perfectly fine except this one (XP).

Please help!
Have you tried checking the proxy to see if there was anything different from the others?
If not, check the subnet mask or something that may be different.

If the NIC card is working, then it might be a configuration problem. Try the NIC card on a different computer and check if it does the same thing. But I am almost positive that its the configuration.
Yes, I double even triple checked the configuration.

I am not even using the NIC card now. I hace a Ethernet/USB adaptor. So I am using USP port to connect.

I tried ipconfig/release and ipconfig/renew. But unable to change the IP address which is 169.254.x.x!!!!
umm..well then, that's a perdicament. I have had this problem before, and it usually was with something in the configuration or that the connection between the Net. Card and the computer were bad. But also, have you tried it in another slot, if its a PCI or ACP slot card? I have had a few motherboards in which certain slots have failed (Of course I returned them).

I am not sure on what so about it. Usually things of this sort is uaully settled with a change of the Card to what you did, an adaptor.
OK! Problem solved after 10 hours of work! Had to repair WINSOCK!!!!
Look for the Reg Hack to disable private IP addressing,, then you wont get the 169.x.x.x IP's ,,

they are hard to drop and do usually point to corruption in other Layers of the Configuration ,,

oh,those OSI layers!


*i do not promote registry hacks to those who are unsure, inexperienced, or careless to detail,,, attempt at your own risk
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